Returning Vehicle

2016 Nissan Sentra

Be wary of prepaid gasoline plans unless you pre-pay at rental time (because you will use at least one full tank). Always fill the tank yourself before returning the vehicle so that you’re only paying for the amount of gas you actually used. Try to avoid the gas stations right near the airport where you’re dropping off your car — the prices tend to be highest there. Instead, fill up a few miles away. Even better: Check before you return to find out where the cheapest gas stations are in your area.

Returning the car late could cost you. Many car rental companies only give you a 30-minute grace period before beginning to rack up the late fees and extra days.

Before leaving the vehicle, check to be sure you haven’t left any personal belongings. Don’t forget to check the trunk! The most common lost articles include cell phones, sunglasses and umbrellas.

Be sure that the check-in attendant inspects the car’s body in your presence and that you agree about any damage. Examine your rental agreement receipt carefully for all charges and make sure the agent credits any deposit to your account while you wait.

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